Ariel Rivera

Front End Developer

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Hi! I am a Toronto based front end web developer. I enjoy building and designing accessible, interactive and responsive websites. I currently graduated from the web development immersive course at Juno College.

Prior to web development, I was an accounts payable/receivable manager at a DNA laboratory. I am passionate about art and design, and it is through my love and appreciation for it that I became interested in coding as it is an art form in itself.


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Quick Flick Picker App

  • React

  • Firebase

  • Moviedb API

Quick Flick Picker is an app created by a team of four people that allows you to create movie lists. Thanks to the MovieDB API, the user can search for movies and add them to a list. Quick Flick Picker generates movie suggestions based on the users time requirements and choice of genre.

The News App (News Aggregator)

  • React

  • News API

The News is a news aggregator app that uses the News API to update cells with top news articles from a variety of news sources. Results can be filtered by news category (sports, entertainment, etc.), or by country. This app allows the user to dismiss articles by simply clicking on the 'x' allowing a new article to load.

project website image
project website image

World Of Warplanes

  • jQuery

  • Css

  • HTML

World Of Warplanes is an app that allows you to search for WWII planes rankings based on plane stats such as: speed, firepower, type, or nation. This app was a pair programing exercises.

Guess The Driver

  • Jquery

  • Css

  • html

Guess the Driver is a trivia game for the motorsport fanatic. It presents the user with images of F1 driver helmets and a list of driver names to pick from. A score is presented at the end of the game.

project website image